M1-606U Router Bit

Item: M1-606U


Bit M1-606U is going to be discontinued and is being replaced by the M1-608U bit which, in testing, shows to deliver improved cutting edge quality.

If you have production cutting of DiBond, thin aluminum or hard acrylic where you may not be overly concerned with edge quality, the M1-606U delivers acceptable results in most cases.

With a limited supply of M1-606U bits available on a first come, first serve basis, we have reduced the price from the list of $35/bit to $26/bit until they are gone.


Single flute, up cut router bit designed for quickly routing Dibond and thin aluminum sheet.

Recommended materials: Aluminum, Dibond, E-panel, Omegabond and other similar materials.

Router bit material: Carbide

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Tier Quantity Price/Item You Save
1 $26.00 0%
Up Cut
6 mm
50,000 RPM
AXYZ, Kongsberg XE, C, XL, XN, XP, V, Multicam, Other CNC Routers if shank = collet, Zund S3, G3, D3 & PN Series, Zund PN Series, MCT VersaTech
Routing, Routing
Dibond (ACP), Metals